Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surgery cancelled!

Well, the much-anticipated operation is off for now pending further tests.  Seems the anesthesiologist wants clearance from my pulmonologist who wants an echocardiogram scheduled for Tuesday next.   Geez, I'm worn out from typing about it.  On the one hand, I am kinda giddy like a child who got out of a punishment.  On the other hand, it is rapidly becoming the sword of Damocles over my weary little head.

On the happy side of things, I am making great progress on the Bead Soup Blog Party things.  I got this crazy idea at three in the morning one night, when I seem to do my best thinking.  Stay tuned for the big reveal on that. Should be great fun, along with all the other participants!

Today, I am reborn, and grateful to be alive!

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