Sunday, May 11, 2014

BSBP8 Finally!

First of all props and much love to Lori Anderson who, somehow, through illness and obstacles, shepherded this whole crazy thing.  Second, sorry I am a little late.  I have a few problems of my own.

Well, when I got my beads from Menka Gupta, I was thrilled!  She sent pearls, crystals, tiny silver stars, earring findings and an amazing hand focal.  I admit, it took me awhile to decide what to make, because I am basically a seed beader.

So I went through my stash (which is so very large, it lives in a room we call the warehouse).  I found some bright waxed linen, some scrap suede and some cute brads that had a place to hang something from.

An idea hit me to go tribal sort of, with a theme of sand and sea, or night and day.  So here it is laid out flat.

Here it is on the mannequin.  Sorry for the bad pics, I am having some issues with shaking and my eyes, so things come out a little sub-par.

I hope you all enjoy the blog hop, and that everyone had as much fun as I did!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Slight delay!

Souper peeps, even with the extra time, I'm still not quite done.  If ya'll are still cruising the blogs tomorrow, check back, I should have my post done with Menka Gupta's amazing beads, and a bunch of craziness from my own stash!