Monday, August 29, 2011

I have been ranting.

The mozzarella cheese we made with a kit from  We had another lovely Caprese salad with that cheese, some peppery fresh basil and vine-ripened tomatoes.  We are very lucky to have a Latino grocery, as well as an Asian grocery, both a few blocks from our house.

We also just signed up for this terrific organic produce delivery service here in Phoenix.  Their produce is amazing.  It is mostly local and always organic.  This week's favorite was an artichoke that tasted absolutely flowery, and the last box contained some pluots that Mark just had to make into a tasty cobbler.

The point of all this ranting is that we have been changing our lives so much.  We have essentially quit drinking, except for a particularly special bottle of wine from time to time.  We are eating vegetarian as often as we eat meat or poultry.  We are eating fish and fruit more than ever before, and we swim as often as possible in the summer.  All this is to try to halt our declining health, and just to have fun.  I have lost over 40 lbs.  Mark's beer gut is gone.  I have a lot to lose yet, but I feel good about it.  Who knew that pushing 60 years old could be so fun?

The best result is that I have clarified a few things about my artistic style.  The essence was always there, but it was beneath the surface somehow.  So, my pieces didn't always make me pleased and satisfied.  But, there was a little niggling thought in the back of my head about what I was after, and it finally came into focus for me.  Stay tuned for the upcoming results of this artistic clarity of vision.  I am slow because of my health challenges, but I'm the turtle.  I can win my own race.

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