Friday, July 15, 2011


I would never have thought that I could whine about 105 degrees being too cool, but after coming out of the pool yesterday, I was so cold!  The pool has been cool for the last few days because it has only been in the low 100's, during the day, and the low 80's at night.  When I came up out of there into the slight breeze you would have thought I was back in Colorado in January!  Then I came into the air conditioning, and I almost cried.  What a big wimp I am!  I realized that I am now incapable of surviving the cold.  It was bad enough when I was there, but after 11 years in New Orleans, and two here in Phoenix, I give up!

Today I am going to work on straightening out the store room again, and sketch out some ideas for Michelle Mach's Mostly Metal Challenge and a couple of metal clay things that are rolling around in my head. I will post sketches of the metal clay ideas, but Michelle's challenge is going to be secret until it is closer to the due date.  Gotta have some mystery about me, after all!

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