Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorting day

So, yesterday, I made great progress tidying my work room.  It started out as a plan to put a bunch of new materials away, and then devolved into fixing my lampwork bead boxes, sorting them by color, separating out the focals, you know, OCD organization. I venture this thought, however.  The items I want the most will still hide from me when I need them.  "It is inevitable," says the Greek chorus in my head.

In the evenings, while watching TV, I have been crocheting a purse for Autumn, and procrastinating on other things.  I do feel a huge creative burst coming on, and all the laziness will be eclipsed by a flurry of projects in several media modes.  Out of the depressive, into the mania, I always say!  Maniacs rule!

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