Monday, July 11, 2011

A Monday

Today was Monday all day.  Mark didn't feel well.  I couldn't get organized to do much except read my latest Kindle book selection, The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory, which is hard to put down, and is aiding me in my procrastination and general ennui.  I made a cursory round on a basket I am crocheting, doing some textile work to decorate our new living room when the painting is done.  I played internet games, and was just not too inspired about anything today.  The best part about it is that tomorrow will be Tuesday, and maybe the Monday blues will go away.  Janie will come to clean.  The painting prep will continue.  Maybe I will get the storage room organized, but it is so hard to breathe, I never seem to start.  Maybe tomorrow.  The eternal promise of tomorrow that moves us all forward to our uncertain, but hopeful futures.

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