Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reconnoitering Day

I have been looking for my old blog from when I lived in New Orleans, before Katrina, before all the changes that led me to beautiful, hot, sunny, dry, dusty Phoenix.  My skin is aging by the second, drying to a near-reptilian covering for my insides, but other than that, I love my new home.  Those Southern ladies have a beauty secret, all that humidity keeps them looking years younger than their chronological ages.  

I miss folks from my past homes, but they are all in my heart.  My kids are in Wyoming and Colorado, where I misspent my youth, and it is very weird, but except for my crazy Aunt Barbara, I have been the oldest member of my family for almost 20 years.  Wow!

But I digress, the good thing about having found my old blog is that I found two pix of my work.  The first is a necklace made of fibers, glass beads, a plastic button from the 50's and a cool triangle-shaped two-holed fused glass pendant made by Mark (hubby) and I.

The second is a necklace I made for a dear friend to wear onstage at the New Orleans Jazz and heritage Festival in 2000.  I was so happy to retrieve these pics, thinking they had been lost to Katrina, too.  I still have the red necklace, but the other lives with its owner, as it should.  But I wanted the pic because I loved the piece.  Well, what once was lost, now is found.  Here are the much-ballyhooed photos.