Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, I'm home!

Got out of the hospital yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good!  Still kind of weak and I tire easily, but I can feel myself mending.  After the stitches and the drain come out, hopefully, on Tuesday, I will be on the road to a healthy tummy again.  At least one part of me will work as it should!  One issue at a time.  Teeth and eyes are the next repair areas.  Just like home repairs, going to do them step by step.  Keep on going until I fix as much as possible.  And the weight-loss is ongoing and approaching 50 lbs!  When I have lost one whole person, I will be done.  It won't make my breathing any better, but it might keep it from getting worse.  That is a big deal to me, and so it goes...

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Pat Haight said...

So glad you're home and feeling better. One day at a time, one 'fix' at a time☺ Just keep looking to the bright side:~)
Sending good thoughts your way~~~