Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Well, I have decided to play in Lori Anderson's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party.  I was hesitant, because my eye problems have caused me to miss several deadlines in the past, but there is enough time for this one, and I am sure I can do it.  I am on two new meds, and waiting for my left cornea to heal enough to get cataract surgery.  So far, it is pretty rough, but hopefully the meds will help.

Anyway, enough depressing medical stuff, my partner in this party endeavor is Marie Covert of Thistledown and Swaddlings.  She is a seed beader, like me, and has some eye issues as well.  Lori must have been psychic or something, because I think Marie and I will be a perfect pair.  I can hardly wait to see the goodies in store, and to send Marie her goodies as well!  Fun in bead land, and all because of the oldest established permanent floating Bead Soup Blog Party in the world!  Thanks, again, again, again Lori!

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New End Studio said...

Hope you are getting good results with your meds and that your surgery will go well. It's tough and scary, I imagine. I also have some eye issues. Wishing you all the best!