Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trying to Put Yesterday into the Past

If any of you read yesterday's post, you know how upset i was over the shootings in Colorado.  I guess I should explain, if some of you are used to seeing my work on the blog, and wondered if I was getting a little lost.  Well, since I don't sell my work, this is not a true artist blog.  I sometimes post about feelings or family or both, knowing that fellow artists and family and friends all read this blog.  So, it's kind of a two-fer.  You get both the professional and the personal in one blog.   Don't worry though, no naked pics or recipes will be forthcoming, LOL.

Carrying on, I am going to post pics of my latest work.  The first, and a real favorite, is the Moon and Stars Cuff.  I haven't done much bead embroidery, so I decided there was no time like the present to work on my skills, and dove right in.  After completing the cuff, I know there are a few things I should have done differently.  Mainly, I didn't leave enough edge on the piece, so adding the border was a real challenge.  I wanted to ensure that it was a real edge, connecting the Ultrasuede lining to the embroidered front, but in some places it took some real doing to accomplish that.  Lesson learned there, but I still was able to complete it to my picky satisfaction.  Also, some of the embroidery is a little crowded.  I will learn to space the rows a little better the more I embroider.  However, all that said, it came out great, and I love it!  See what you think!

The front, with a moonscape (from Bead Stalker just a hint of the star

The left side, with the druzy star (from Heart of Stone, also a flat black pearl and some other cabs and beads.

The right side, with a vintage red cab ringed nebula and a blue planet (both from Splendor in the Glass

I'll post more work tomorrow.  Stay tuned for lacy earrings!


Linda Britt said...

Beautiful cuff! I think it important that we know a little of each other and I love that about mixing personal and art. One influences the other and makes us aware. Keep up the interesting blogs!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Shannon,
Beautiful cuff! I don't mind at all that your blog is not always about the jewelry, like Linda said, it is a chance to get to know you.