Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pretty Lacy

Well blogophiles, I promised you lacy earrings, and here they are!  I wanted you to see what I did with a little crochet thread and a few beads, and a light coat of fabric Mod Podge to just provide a little body to the earrings.  The first pair I did, the green ones, I think I was a little heavy-handed on the Mod Podge.  Note to self: do little amounts in layers.  I keep making that mistake both with Mod Podge and with resin.  I want to do it all at once because I crave instant gratification.  But that is a mistake.  With decoupage, as well as resin, I have to remember that slow and steady wins the race, just like bead work.  Anyway, check them out!

They look pretty good here

But here you can really see the Mod Podge in the middle

This pair came out better, for one thing, the lighter color masks the Mod Podge

Next time, I'll do better, but I love these anyway!

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maddyrose said...

These are great! Love the lacy look.