Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day two

Ok, I was alarmed when my daughter (Tracy) had a run-in with a parked lawn mower, by the dumpster near her little restaurant, and jacked up her foot pretty badly.  But then, in a gesture of supreme family togetherness, my hubby, Mark, fell while patrolling for ants in our back yard and broke at least his toe, if not more.  We will find out on Monday when he can see the doc (or today if we can find an urgent care around here).  These two are the lights of my life, but they make me crazy!

On to arty things, I have recently finished a crocheted lace bowl, 18 charms for the Whole Lotta Whimsy Sunday Social Circle bracelet project to benefit the Joplin tornado victims, a doll and two purses for Tracy.  Busy, busy, busy keeping my mind off my troubles and having fun doing it here in the trusty recliner.  Got to swim yesterday, too, which is the only time I can breathe normally, when I am weightless in the pool.  So, lots going on, good and bad, life goes on.  Gotta say, I am happy and content today!

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