Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Day

It has been a lovely couple of weeks in Arizona.  The temperatures have finally been below 100 for at least 10 days in a row.  It started a week ago Saturday, and our power went out. Now, ordinarily, I freak out because it gets too hot in here, and my oxygen concentrator goes dead.  So, it is a real double whammy for my breathing issues.  When it is super hot, we just go into the pool and wait it out as long as we can, but it wasn't hot enough last weekand the pool was freezy cold.  So Mark goes around the house and opens all windows and doors, and shockingly, it was gorgeous in here!

So, every day since then, we have been able to open our windows at night, and that is heaven.  It reminds me of July (or most any night) in Colorado, or well, never in New Orleans or Dallas.  So, with the magical weather, my mood has lifted greatly,  However, I do have another issue.  Since I had a slice on my cornea in March, my vision has gradually deteriorated to where I really can barely see.  Everything is soft and fuzzy, like a world made of cotton candy.  I have another appointment with the doctor for October 26, but until at least then, I am going to have to abstain from blog hops.  It is not that I am totally blind. I can see a little, enough to blog, with the kind help of spell check, but when I bead or do any art, i am slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.  So, all deadlines are out of the question.  The only ones I can do are two or three I have already finished.  I will e-mail the hop coordinators individually, but, with my apologies, I must withdraw from public life for a bit, an eye sabbatical, hopefully to heal and recover.  I promise to return if I can, and I will be fierce!

Don't think this is a pity party by any means, I just thought it was only fair to explain in advance so that I don't disappoint anyone.  It aggravates the heck out of me when I go to blog hops and someone just doesn't participate, so I wanted to let folks know in advance that I am a little under the weather, and I just need time!


Linda Britt said...

Life throws us all kinds of curves and it seems you have received a large one. But your positive attitude will win and you will be blogging and meeting deadlines again. Right now maybe it is time to enjoy the moment.

New End Studio said...

Isn't the weather changing a relief and a treat; take good care and I hope your eye is much better very soon. Rest up ♥