Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some of what I did on my summer vacation.

Ok, I've been kind of absent for a little over a month.  I've been working on projects that I have wanted to do forever and just never did them.  So, over the next few days, I'll share them with you.  The first three were great fun for me.

turquoise fringe

I made this one using the gorgeous cab in the middle (from Heart of Stone http://www.heartofstonestudio.com/), and I just bead embroidered around it, turning it into an arrow then added a collar of turquoise net.  It's so dramatic!
Mexican tile stars

Next, I have been in possession of Jean Power's http://www.jeanpower.com/ fabulous star patterns for a long while.  It was one of those things I told myself I would get to someday.  Well today's the day I reveal them.  These are the earrings, and I saved a necklace for later in the week, too!  Jean Power rocks!  I made them in anticipation of the book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork she and Kate McKinnon are putting together with a little help from their friends.

Lastly, I got this cool little sign from Melanie at Earthen Alternative on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/EarthenAlternative?ref=seller_info.  So I made a simple herringbone curly black necklace to hold the sign.  It also has some of the colors of the sign worked into the pattern, but they're hard to see, even up close in real life.  This one came out a little blurry, and I'm going to re-take it and post later.

believe in change

So, just check back, and I'll be adding more goodies to the blog, before I become completely involved in a big ol' bunch of blog hops later in the month and all month next month.  Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the terquoise! Just my taste & style! Gorgeous!