Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sari ribbon???

I sent my name in, my blog address, and purchased the ribbon, but I am unsure of my status in tomorrow's Sari Ribbon Blog Hop.  Sooooo, I'm just going to post the pic anyway, and leave the rest to the universe!  I never got any e-mail info, so I can't send you on to another blog, but I wish everyone well!  I didn't realize it until tonight, because first, I had surgery, then my daughter came to visit, and then I just finished my piece in a panic.  But it turns out, there was some follow up missing on my part, so, it is what it is!

Happy news!  The hop list is below, and I am on it!  So, hello happy hoppers, and I will be surfing around to all of you!

Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop

Vickie Wills

Susan Kennedy

Michelle Mach

Michelle Lee Hardy 

Ruth Crawford

Hilary Frye, FryeStyle

Diana P. 

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques

Elizabeth Owens-Dwy 

Connie Rios-Relyea 

Jennifer Justman    

Deb Davis

Cathie Carroll

Rosemary Cowit

Georgene Lockwood

Cathy Buckley

Harry Wood

Sonya Stille 

Mary Deis

Heather Goldsmith

Susan Rouleau

Terry Matusyk

Pam Chesbro

Mary Shannon Hicks

Janice Everett


Kristina Johansson, Maneki 

Kris Binsfeld



Catherine Jeltes


Sharon Palac 

Deb Beechy 

Jean Yates

Patrice Pfeiffer 

Dorcas Midkiff

Lynn Perry Bennett

Linzi Alford


Cynthia Wainscott
Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
Alice Craddick
B'sue Boutiques Creative Group


B'sue said...

Awesome design! Thanks for posting it. If you sent your info to B'sue then you should be on the list, which was posted at the B'sue Boutiques blog on Wednesday so that everyone could go and check it. I posted about that everywhere possible---on my blog, my newsletter and on FB at the event. If you didn't hear back, I am so sorry, but contacting us again would have done the trick! I will see what I can do to get your post today on the master list so that some can see you. If you would like, come to and the full list is there. Anytime you enter a blog hop be sure to check back with the sponsor a few days before to make sure you are on the list and to pick up your copy of the list to post with your design. ;-) I am really impressed with your design and so glad you posted it anyway! THANKS!

B'sue said...

Find the full list here:

B'sue said...

Hey Mary are totally on the list! I just checked. You've been there all along! I remember you....we're FB friends. I have you about half way down....maybe you could come over to the B'sue Boutiques blog and get the list and post it here into your blog, to keep the continuity. THANKS!

JewelsDesignsCreativeCorner2 said...

WOW!!! That's really pretty! I love how you used the sari on this piece!

Shirley said...

Ok, I so want to know more about your technique on this. Did you make the bead part, and then weave in the short strips of sari? It is so interesting. Your colors choices are spot on. I'm so glad you posted it. You were on the list I clicked from the other participants. Awesome design!

ruth said...

Really Really Beautiful, I love it.

oteabykate said...

Lovely! So unique!

DaviniaDesign said...

Gorgeous design you made. Very special!

sylvanavintagedesigns said...

Wow! So fun and I love the way you combined all those colors with off-loom weaving. Looks comfortable to wear, too.

Lizscraps said...

this is simply awesome. the time it took to weave it all with the beads etc. fun piece to wear.

SueBeads said...

WOW! Really great job!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

What a cool piece :) Very pretty!


Love this design - all the colors and details...and the way you designed with the Sari ribbon :)

Harry's Handmade Jewelry Ideas said...

Very colorful weaving. I like all the color.

Firefly Visions said...


Cynthia Wainscott said...

what a fantastic idea you had!, all the colors are just fun, and the beads oh wow!

Pam Chesbro said...

Right up my alley with those seed beads! Really fantastic. Gotta try this. Thanks for the inspiration. Your piece is a beauty!

Marie Cramp said...

It looks fun! I really love the colours and the style :)

Vee said...

AWESOME! I love this! Would like to hear more about how you weaved it! ;o)

vintagebluestudio said...

Very pretty! Would love to see some more photos of it when you have the chance.

dreaminofbeads said...

WOW! Your piece is simply stunning! Is that netting around the sari ribbon? I absolutely love it.

Charlene said...

Your bracelet is amazing! I love how you worked the sari ribbon in with beadwork!

Beetique said...

I really like wide bracelets and this looks so good!

Jean said...

perfect beautiful--one of my total favs! I love that you enable the photo to be enlarged. You have zee touch!


pinkchapeau said...

Really beautiful piece. I love the idea of weaving the seed beads and the fabric together. Pretty colors, too!

DaviniaDesign said...

I wanted to apologies if you have passed through my website to leave me a comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!
Due to an incompatible plug-in, all attempts to leave comments were blocked with an error.
I’m sorry if this caused you any inconvenience. I would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment, as this time, things work as they are supposed to...

maneki said...

Love your technique, weaving the ribbon into a beadwoven base. Very inspirational!

Michelle Mach said...

What a creative use of ribbon and seed beads! I love that designers like you are coming up with ideas I never would have considered!

Wonderful work!

Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

I love how you color-blocked this! Well done!

FryeStyle said...

I love the innovative way you wove and knotted your sari ribbon! Cool!

Catherine said...

Wow--lots of wonderful fiber in this design! What a fun piece.

Clarity Of PurpleSage said...

Hi Mary-
I have to start with "WOW"!!
Not only am I in awe but I just cannot stop looking at all the weaving of piece. It is so well put together. I love the bead weave with the touch of blingmixed in with the Sari weave. I love the clasp as well. Beautiful work!!
I was not able to join in on the hop on Fri. due to family matters, so I am just finishing up my visits today. I hope you will have a chance to visit me @: thank you so much for sharing :)